Aboveground Pool Package Contents

Pool Package Components

  • Carvin 1 hp single speed or 1-1/2 hp 2 speed pump with 18" or 22" sand filter systems (includes union connectors, high-pressure connection hose, union/ball valve, filter sand). Filter systems are over-sized to the pool which reduces backwashing..
  • Deluxe 12" w i d e m o u t h skimmer (same opening size as inground pools) and return jet
  • 15' of 1-1/2" high-pressure connection hose with fittings, stainless steel clamps and teflon tape to connect the filter system to the pool
  • Heavy duty resin deck ladder
  • Complete maintenance kit featuring: extruded aluminum telescopic pole, weighted vacuum head, high-quality vacuum hose sized for pool, leaf net, testing strips, thermometer, backwash hose, starter chemicals (stabilizer and shock), solar blanket, winter blanket and our exclusive pool operator's manual

Optional Coving and Synthetic Felt Floor

DONEEN SALES listened to our customer's requests and developed a very exclusive pool base protection system for  your aboveground pool liner.  Our superior pool cove adheres to the wall along the track at the floor. The cove will always maintain it's beautiful curved form and will not crush. It will not wash away like sand coving will and allow deformation of your liner. Ask about our synthetic felt floor product. Our synthetic floor will prevent stones, moles, etc. from penetrating your liner all while adding a slight cushioned effect to the floor. 
Email or call/fax us at 1-800-581-POOL (7665) or locally (905) 382-2993 with the products you're interested in and we'll gladly quote you with pricing and availability.


sales: Judy Champagne
phone: 1-800-581-POOL (7665) or locally (905) 382-2993
email: doneensales@gmail.com