Solar Blankets

DONEEN SALES warms your pool in the summer with the finest quality solar blankets for all shapes and sizes of aboveground and inground pools. Our solar blankets can make a 25% greater difference in water temperature when used correctly. Our solar blankets offer a 3 year warranty for aboveground pools and 5 year warranty for onground and inground pools. We normally stock the following sizes: Round - 12', 15', 18', 21', 24', 27'   Oval: 12x18', 12x24', 15x30', 16x32', 18x33' Rectangle: 12x20', 12x24', 16x24', 16x30', 16x32', 16x36', 18x36', 20x40' (note: rectangles are easily trimmed for oval pools)

Solar Blanket Rollers and Accessories

DONEEN SALES simplifies your life with a full line of Feherguard solar blanket rollers and accessories for all aboveground, onground and inground pools. These are the finest solar blanket rolling systems on the market today. All rollers feature roller bearing end-packs with anodized aluminum tube sets for trouble-free operation. We stock all the roller accessories like fasteners, straps and blanket covers.

The Ultimate Aboveground Pool Winter Cover

The Ultimate winter cover is for all sizes of aboveground pools in round and oval. No more smelly mess to deal with in the spring and no water to pump off your cover. Our new covers are tension mounted with a center mesh which allows water to pass through the cover, not sit on top. As the snow and ice comes the cover stretches inwards and returns taught in the spring with no leaves or water on top. The leaves simply blow away. Pool opening becomes a quick operation with our new winter cover. Our covers use a 12 year warranty domestic material as well for longevity. NOT recommended for resin vertical uprights. Order yours today.

Standard Winter Blankets and Water Bags

DONEEN SALES protects your pool from winter's harm with the finest quality winter blankets for all shapes and sizes of aboveground and inground pools. Our poly woven winter blankets keep the leaves, dirt and sun away from your pool leaving you with sparkling clean water in the spring. We always stock water bags in 10' lengths in both single or double chamber design.

Email us or call/fax us at 1-800-581-POOL (7665) or locally (905) 382-2993 with the products you're interested in and we'll gladly quote you with pricing and availability.


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